2019 Studio list & Descriptions


Studio A

“Grace” Abstract Angel

Learn some basic abstract painting techniques using both brush and palette knife to create a beautiful angel on canvas.

Studio B

Stitchin’ for the Kitchen

Come sew a skirt style apron. The apron will have pockets on the front. This is a great beginner class for sewing.

Studio C

Hand Lettering Stationery with Envelope Liners

Learn the basics of hand lettering and create your own personalized note cards. Then choose from an assortment of specialty paper to make your own envelope liners.

Studio D

Abstract Acrylic Pour on Canvas

We are unique, we are created originals, no two are the same!  In this studio, we will be layering acrylic paint to create our own individual abstract piece.  Any combination of colors pouring together on a canvas- swirling, mixing, and blending into a kaleidoscope of art...just like us!

Studio E

Watercolor Monogram

Come design and watercolor a letter with your choice of colors and style.  We will play with different watercolor techniques to create a beautiful piece of original art for you or a friend!  

Studio F

Heirlooms in the Making: Intro to Needlepoint

Needlepoint has been past down through many generations of families and now you can start adding to this tradition.  Come learn one of the oldest and most beautiful trades. You will be learning the basics of needlepoint, including the basket weave stitch, and will leave with a beautiful cross that can be hung in your home.  

Studio G

Creative Writing

Enjoy an opportunity to gain perspective and healing through sharing stories and writing. Prompts and journaling encourage even the most novice writer to express their thoughts and emotions in words.

Studio H

Sewing Paper - Handmade Books

In this workshop, we’ll fold and punch the pages and covers for a notebook-style book. Then, you will be guided through step-by-step instructions to sew it all together! No prior bookmaking knowledge needed. Just come ready to learn something new and have fun!

Studio I

Spring Flower Arrangement

This floral arrangement workshop will show you the basics of arranging flowers and help you develop your personal design style. We will talk about mixing store bought flowers with foraged materials to give your arrangements a natural, garden feel. Our goal is for you to leave with the desire to continue arranging flowers and the confidence to try new and unexpected floral combinations.

Studio J

Mixed Media Heart Art

Everything starts with God’s love for us.  That love from His heart causes our hearts to pump and pour out love to others.  In this studio, we will use thoughts of God’s captivating, compelling, and reckless love to create an artsy, cool product to inspire our hearts!

Studio K

Art with Clay and Other Cool Stuff

Our time will be spent working with clay and other mediums (think reclaimed wood, paint, spackling, etc.) to create a unique piece of art for your home.  Learn the basics of working with polymer clay (the kind you bake) as a basis for other projects.

Studio L

Abstract Painting

Create an abstract painting with neutrals and a splash of color. No technique or skills needed. Just play and paint until you’re happy!


Studio M

Applique Dish Towel

Create your own appliqued dish towel for you to give to someone special or hang in your own kitchen!  Beginners are welcome.

Studio N

A Hug in a Mug

With just 2 sticks and some string you’ll soon be on your way to knitting gifts from the heart!  With a little practice and perseverance you’ll find the Lord using your seemingly simple gifts to share His love.  Come and learn to knit a koozie for your mug and walk away with a new skill!

Studio O


In this studio, you will paint a unique nest. I never cease to be amazed at how little birds create their “safe places” from whatever they have around them.  I look forward to guiding you through creating your own painted nest!

Studio P

Acrylic Painting from Curated Inspiration

Come learn the process of creating inspiration boards physically and digitally and how to paint from real life inspiration. In this studio, you will complete a small original still life acrylic painting. I want to encourage you not to simply mimic other artists and styles, but help you find your visual voice in painting.

Studio Q

Bears, Angels, and Ballerinas

We will be using clay to create by building, forming and carving while experimenting in this fun medium with inspiration from God’s word. Come and sculpt as we encourage one another on sharing God’s beauty and creation.  

Studio R

Leather Wrap Bracelet

Learn to make a custom wrap bracelet. Choose from a variety of leather, beads, and gemstones to create your own unique piece of jewelry.

Studio S

Learn to Make Natural Paint

Come learn the basic science of paint by mixing your own from egg, charcoal, and natural pigments. Then use it to paint a print. Beginners welcome!

Studio T

Distressed Gesso Angel

Come use mixed media to learn skills to create an angel work of art.  We will be working with stabilo pencils, gesso and minimal color palette.  Should be fun!

Studio U

Nature to Abstract

Create an abstract floral painting using different tools, mediums, textures, layers and other effects.