Intentionality, again.

My 2018 resolution word is intentional. Ironically, that was my word last year as well. I failed, but here I am, trying again. I am slowly realizing that intentionality takes a lot of prayer and action. I am eager to not grow weary and to seek His strength to allow me to be intentional in my work, play, and parenting. I can’t do it on my own like last years feeble attempts. I recently read an article by one of my very own soul sisters, Shauna Niequist. Every word she writes captivates me and I feel as though she is speaking directly to me in that moment. She doesn’t realize that I exist or that we are soul sisters but I claim her as mine, nonetheless. Back to my point, Shauna’s words jumped off the page in an article where she states,  “It’s my responsibility to live a life that sustains me creatively, so that when it’s ‘go-time’ and I’m staring at a blank screen, I’ve got something to say. The work of inspiration doesn’t happen when you sit down, it happens all the rest of time, when you’re reading great writing, when you’re taking walks or taking naps or taking pictures on your phone at the farmer’s market.”

Reading her quote led me to the verse “for we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand so that we would walk in them.” - Ephesians 2:10. He has already prepared us to be aware of the beauty and creativity that we witness every day. He desires for us to stop and notice the delicate features of the leaves, the brilliant and symmetrical colors of the butterfly, the various textures of the clouds painted across the sky, and the simple, yet astonishing, words from a curious and fully-present child. The moments are there, surrounding us throughout the day, but it takes a relationship with Him and intentionality to acknowledge these details. If we are constantly looking at our phones, staring into space, swirling through life, we miss these treasures. I am learning that those easy-to-miss snippets from life can be used to launch us into some untapped joy and creativity deep within our souls. I long for a chance to dig into those hidden places.

I am so thrilled because Sacred Studio is bringing that “live in the moment” intentionality to life. It is giving us a space to put away all of the distractions and to hear from the One who created us. The One that gave us all of our ability to create. To take a day to be with other women, to hear about the love of Christ, and to be able to use the really cool gifts buried deep inside of us sounds captivating. I feel as though investing in this intimate time with the Lord will open up opportunities that God “prepared beforehand.” It will allow me to see characteristics of Him manifested in me that I may have missed or lost along the way. Leading up to the event, I want the Lord to guide me to intentionally acknowledge beauty in nature and the simple surroundings of life. I want to show up inspired and eager to allow Him to work through me as I paint, pray, create, listen\ and to show me how spending time with him in a purposeful environment can tap into some of His beautiful works that are waiting to burst open just below the surface of my being.

-Dawn Curtis