Love of Lesser Things

  There I was sitting at my kitchen table enjoying our Sunday morning live stream from church. All of a sudden the worship leader transitions to a new song, one not so familiar. Instead of singing along, I just read the words as they appeared across my screen:


We have come to taste and see the sweetness of Your love

And anything this world could boast would never be enough

We have come to fix our eyes on the beauty of our King

Laying down all compromise and the love of lesser things


BAM! “Love of LESSER things”! Wow...Right between the eyes.  I just bowed my head because, you see, I can be the queen of Lesser Things.  

As I (and mostly everyone around me I would guess) strive for more, we are actually getting less. We think we have more…more stuff, more social media, more busy, more competitions, more technology, more information at our fingertips.  Through all this more we have acquired a sometimes-insatiable love for lesser things.  

Sometimes lesser things are worldly success or status or a certain house. Lesser things might be trying to control my children’s friend groups or choice of sports or even college. Lesser things are blowing off church.  Lesser things are anything that causes a distraction from my focus on the one true God.

   When I am honest about what I have elevated in my life, it often times is something that is far less.  Deep down, I know my truest joy comes from God. My truest self only receives value from Jesus. My greatest love should be for Him and Him alone. All else will fall in line if I love Him first and most. And all else will pale in comparison to Him.  Everything else will be less.

   “You make known to me the path of life; in Your presence there is fullness     of joy; at Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Psalm 16:11

What is less in your life that you have made more? Join me in laying down whatever lesser things you are seeking first and instead to seek the face of Jesus and His fullness each day.

-Lindy Walker